day 2 of being a studio assistant and I really enjoy it so far


Yinka Shonibare, MBE
How To Blow Up Two Heads At Once (Gentlemen) – image Axel Schneider © MMK Frankfurt


Kiluanji Kia HendaRedefining The Power, 2012Inkjet print on matt paper188 × 120 cm


Kiluanji Kia Henda
Redefining The Power, 2012
Inkjet print on matt paper
188 × 120 cm

“Memories of the outside world will never have the same tonality as those of home and, by recalling these memories, we add to our store of dreams; we are never real historians, but always near poets, and our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of poetry that was lost.”
— Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

hello Minneapolis, I am here


Xinyi Cheng

The Haircut, 2014

Oil on Linen

36 x 40 inches

(via hankeatspaint)


Betty Who | Heartbreak Dream
Slow Dancing (2014)